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Conference Center Lake Constance

  • Area: > 40.000 m2
  • Project development consulting: Lichner Projects GmbH

Initial situation:

  • Very good location with long, private beach and small boat harbor
  • Monument protection
  • Landscape protection
  • Shore protection zone
  • Need for revitalization
  • Need for additional hotel room sized subarea of residential land.

Feasibility Study:   

  • Assessing the site in terms of future potential uses.
  • Development of alternative use scenarios with the goal of finding the concept with the best economic viability.
  • A statement on whether these possible uses can be accommodated in the existing buildings or whether demolition and new construction is recommended.
  • A review of the conditions imposed by the preservation laws and - to the extent possible - an assessment of the extent to which, in spite of the preservation laws parts of the existing buildings may be demolished and rebuilt to the same extent.
  • An assessment of the economic scope of the investments to be made in terms of an appropriate purchase price and a rough framework of the costs to be expected for a new use or a conversion concept.
  • Viability/return calculations